GBM Resolution on 8.2.17

The General Body Meeting of the Jawaharlal Nehru University Teachers Association expresses its strongest opposition to moves by the JNU Administration to curtall the admissions into M.Phil./PhD and Direct PhD programme of the University on the pretext of the UGC M.Phil./PhD Regulations 2016. It wishes to make clear to the administration, the student community, including prospective students, that the JNUTA does not support any moves to illegally alter the admission policy of JNU, the format of its entrance examinations, or the intake capacity of each Centre/School/Special Centre. Rather, it is the JNU administration that has unilaterally declared a cut in numbers of students to be admitted (the low-level wordplay with the term ‘vacancy’ fools no-one). These moves are in complete violation of the Act, Statutes and Ordinances of JNU, that invest ONLY the Academic Council of JNU with the powers to approve the intake capacity for Centre/School/Special Centre.

The JNUTA General Body Meeting demands that the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Jagadesh Kumar:

  1. Ensure that the intake figures already approved by the Academic Council for each Centre/School/Special Centre and incorporated in the draft prospectus circulated to Centres are retained for the 2017-18 admissions.
  2. Make no changes in Admission Policy without the approval of the Academic Council.
  3. Immediately reconvene the 142nd Academic Council no later than 16th February 2017 to reconsider all Agenda items pertaining to the admission policy of the university.

If these demands are not met, JNUTA shall take recourse to all available and possible measures to challenge these violations of the JNU Act, Statutes and Ordinances.

The JNUTA GBM also notes with great dismay that despite minuted objections registered in the Academic and Executive Council members, the Vice-Chancellor has chosen to exercise the power he had illegally invested upon himself to make any alterations or additions to the panel of experts provided Centres/Schools/Special Centres for Selection Committees for appointments and promotions of faculty. This illegal arrogation of power must end immediately, as it is likely to jeopardise all appointments and promotions in the University.

Course of Action

  1. JNUTA is leading a delegation to the Visitor of the University at 1.30 p.m. on 9 February 2017 to request him to:
  • Annul the decisions of EC (266th and 267th) vide clause no 8.8 to the JNU Act of 1966.
  • Ensure that all agenda items of these two EC meetings, which were falsely and wrongly presented as “recommendations” of the 141stand 142nd meetings of the AC respectively be sent back to the AC for due deliberation and confirmation.
  • Uphold equal access to educationfor students from different geographical regions and social strata by upholding the JNU Act, 1966 and preventing the subversion of JNU’s admission policy.
  • Ensure that no provision curtails, through route of clause 6.5 of UGC Notification, the intake of students, particularly in view of the fact that teachers are willing to supervise more number of students for M.Phil and Ph.D. programmes in the larger interest of the nation.
  • Ensure that the selection process is fair, transparent and accountable and that the VC does not usurp power to add or delete names in the panel of experts.
  • Ensure that the suppression of critique, dissent and therefore the repression of academic freedom does not become the norm of “governance” in JNU by enabling teachers and students to voice their opinions without fear of reprisal.
  • Protect teachers and students who have been targeted selectively on the basis of their identity (social/political) by ensuring that their grievances are heard justly.
  • Protect institutional and academic autonomy.
  1. The need of the hour is a united opposition to this misgovernance of JNU. JNUTA calls for a united march of teachers, students, karamcharis, officers, and alumni on 10th February 2017, in defence of JNU’s socially-just admission policy, and demanding an immediate reconvening of the 142nd Academic Council no later than 16th February 2017 to reconsider all Agenda items pertaining to the admission policy of the university. The march will commence at 5.30 pm from Ganga Dhaba.
  • A mass signature campaign amongst JNU teachers listing JNUTA’s demands addressed to Parliamentarians. These signatures will be presented to Parliamentarians in a ‘Save the JNU ACT’ March to Parliament on 14 February 2017, where we shall request the Parliament to stand up in defence of the Jawaharlal Nehru University Act of 1966, from which JNU’s autonomy, socially just admission policy, and norms of consultative and democratic administration flow. A Press Conference will also be held at the VENUE. Details of time and venue shall be intimated soon.

 The JNUTA appeals to all teachers to participate in these programmes and to give them wide publicity. As it was in February last year, it is our responsibility to keep the university open in every sense of the word.


Ayesha Kidwai                                                                       Pradeep K. Shinde

President, JNUTA                                                                  Secretary, JNUTAjnuta-gbm-resolution-on-8-february-2017

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