JNUTA Condolence Meeting and Open House at 4.00 pm at SSS-I Committee Room today, 14 March

The JNUTA expresses its grief at the tragic suicide of Muthukrishanan, an M.Phil. student of the Centre for Historical Studies. Muthukrishanan, by the accounts of his teachers and friends, was an intelligent student, committed about doing research that would foreground the historical reality and experience of caste oppression. His struggle to transform his life through education, battling through the barriers created by social, educational and economic disadvantage, is both a source of inspiration and the cause of deep regret, as such passion and dedication deserved the greatest of fulfilment and success. Instead what we have is the loss of a young life and a devastated circle of family and friends. JNUTA extends its sincerest condolences to the family, friends, and the JNU community.
The university community is in a turmoil, as once again, the precarity of Dalit lives in university spaces have been underlined to us all. While our first thoughts must be to respecting the grief of Muthukrishanan’s family, we also have to discuss as a community, the ways in which we have fallen short in truly supporting each other.

JNUTA is holding an open house today, i.e. 14 March at 4.00 p.m. in the SSS-I Committee Room to facilitate both the expression of condolences and introspection into why our university community failed to prevent a young life from meeting such a tragic end.


Ayesha Kidwai         Pradeep Shinde

President                   Secretary

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