JNUTA Meeting with the Vice-Chancellor and Rectors on 14.3.2017

Four members of the JNUTA Executive Council met with the VC and Rectors today. We impressed upon him the imperative need of a sensitive and urgent response to the tragic demise of our M.Phil. student, Muthukrishnan both from the JNU administration as well as the JNU community. We urged the Vice-Chancellor to do the following:

  1. Meet the bereaved family and assure them of accommodation and financial assistance towards their travel and the return of the body to his native place. The VC stated that the JNU administration was committed to both providing this financial assistance as well accommodation. He also assured us that he would meet with the parents and express his condolences.
  2. Appoint a committee, with representatives from JNUTA and JNUSU, to follow up with the police, to ensure speedy investigation.  
  3. Revisit and implement all the recommendations of the Ten member committee report, constituted in the wake of the suicide and axe attack in JNU in 2013. The VC snd his team were unaware of such a report, which had detailed recommendations about counselling, and promised to look into it.
  4. Take immediate steps to constitute a mechanism to address specifically grievances of caste based discrimination in our university, along the lines of GSCASH. We urged the university administration to constitute a representative committee that would hold extensive public discussions on what this mechanism could be.
  5.  Fund and through that revive the Diversity programme that was run for about three years in the university, where through public discussions, screenings and performances, the university community could be sensitised to both diversity and the realities of discrimination along caste, gender, and religious lines.

While we received no assurances that any of our suggestions would be implemented, JNUTA will keep on striving to make the JNU administration listen to the voices of the JNU community.
Ayesha Kidwai

JNUTA President

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