Announcement of Thorat Committee

The JNUTA is very glad to announce that Prof. Sukhadeo Thorat, (Chairperson, ICSSR) has accepted its request for him to play a fundamental and leading role in addressing the issues of alienation and discrimination along the lines of caste in JNU, in the wake of the unfortunate demise of Mr. Muthukrishnan. Prof. Thorat has indicated that he would like to focus on providing the JNU community with an Action Plan that must be followed in addressing these issues. We are grateful for Prof. Thorat’s acceptance of our suggestion that this plan be presented and discussed in a public meeting of the JNU community within 15/20 days from today.

Prof. Thorat has indicated that he would be happy to receive inputs from members of the JNU community. He can be contacted via email at The JNUTA shall of course extend whatever logistical help that he may require, but shall in all other ways, ensure complete independence by leaving all other choices of manner, mode, and extent of consultations to Prof. Thorat. We appeal to the JNU community to wholeheartedly cooperate with Prof. Thorat in formulating this Action Plan.aCTION PLAN ANNOUNCEMENT.jpg

Ayesha Kidwai                                                                       Pradeep Shinde

President, JNUTA                                                                 Secretary, JNUTA


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