In Support of the JNUSU Strike on 24 March

The General Body of the JNU Teachers expresses its deep anguish at the savage admission policy for admission to the M.Phil./PhD and Direct PhD programmes to JNU in 2017-18 announced on 22nd March. The brutal cuts in intake, which will reduce enrolment by 86%, have neither been proposed nor been ratified by any academic body of the university, least of all the Schools/Centres/Special Centres. Neither have the withdrawal of deprivation points, the pattern of the entrance examination (in particular the viva voce marks and the 100% weightage given to it), the delinking of the M.Tech/PhD programme; indeed, every unpleasant new measure that has been introduced into the admission policy and the prospectus is shameful.

Like the students of the university, the teachers feel anger, desperation, and a profound sense of grief that a university atmosphere that has given each of us so much has been so spitefully attacked from within. So many research programmes have been exterminated, others have been mauled badly, and we know that these wounds shall fester for many years to come. An air of mourning has befallen every conversation on the campus, because the cull is not just of the few hundred PhDs that would have resulted from the admissions this year, but of the very idea and ideal of the public university itself. JNU is one of the few universities that the economically and socially oppressed sections from all over India can aspire to, and this announcement portends a massacre of dreams. We know that for many students, it can spell the end of their education altogether; for women in particular, the opportunity to inhabit a space where they can strive to be free. For the thousands of Dalits, SCs, STs, OBCs, and minorities who write the exam each year, this new admission policy (whose sole motive is non-enrolment) is another act of exclusion and discrimination.

The JNUTA GBM assures all current and prospective students who make JNU what it is through their aspirations, experiences, curiosity, combativeness, and engagement that we stand together with you. We endorse the strike call given by JNUSU and will continue to strive to get this condemnable admission policy reversed, because how can we be teachers if there are no students?

Ayesha Kidwai                Pradeep Shinde

President, JNUTA             Secretary, JNUTA

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