GRAPHIC: The Seat Cull will lead to a 80-85% fall in SC/ST/OBC/PWD enrolment as compared to 2016! 

Compare the actual numbers, not the percentages.  From the figures below, we can see that an average of 138 SCs, 73.25 STs, 20 PWDS, and 304 OBCs each year have enrolled in JNU’s  research programmes since 2013. The next graph is the projected numbers for the admissions in 2017-18. No other comment needed.


  1. Provide statistics on number of non- SC, ST, OBC out of total intake. Can there be admission of applicants who have applied in reserved categories in non reserved categories?


    1. ‘Others’ is the non-SC, ST, OBC, PWD intake. And yes, there can be admission of reserved categories in general categories. but the number here are of these with the relevant certificates rather than the list they were selected in.


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