GRAPHICS: JNU is the university of choice for deprived sections, specially women!

Across the board, students from deprived sections, particularly women, choose to join JNU’s research programmes if they are selected to the programme. Joining rates are very high, ranging from 88% to 100%, across all categories, with women mostly outstripping men in joining rates. This is no doubt due to the relatively safe and free studying and living environment that the campusaffords women, but also because of the low fees and maintenance costs, the availability of the non-NET and other fellowships. 

It is important also to note that women from deprived categories are offered as many, and in many instances, more seats than men, in the SC and ST categories in particular. Although the relevant data is not available in the JNU statistics as they are compiled, one can assume that this is because of particularly the deprivation points given to all women who qualify.

The gender deprivation points given to women candidates create a university in which there are more women enrolled in research programmes than men.

With the abolition of deprivation points for M.Phil./PhD and Direct PhD admissions, it would not be unreasonable to expect a fall in the numbers of women as well.

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