Letter to Registrar on EC meeting agenda

Dear Mr. Pramod Kumar

The JNUTA is given to understand that there is going to be a meeting of the Executive Council (EC) on the 30th of June 2017. We request you to place the following Agenda items for discussion before the EC, as it appears to us that the EC has been grievously misled by your administration on a number of counts and has led the EC to commit.

  1. Intake and admissions: The Vice-Chancellor has, in violation of all Statutes and Rules and Regulations of the university arrogated to himself the power to determine the intake for each Centre and the admission policy of the University. The intake figures have never been approved or adopted by the Academic Council (AC) of the University, which is the only body responsible for determining both these aspects. The EC has no power to grant approval to any decision pertaining to these aspects, unless it has already been approved by the AC; for the EC to do so will be an exercise in violation of s.14, Schedule II, JNU Act of 1966. In this context, please also draw the EC’s attention to the fact that it is already in violation of the JNU Act, as it approved the minutes of the Standing Committee on Admissions held on 31.1.2017 and 1.1.2017 without these minutes being placed before the AC.
  2. Revised M.Phil. and PhD Ordinances: The JNU administration, vide a letter by Assistant Registrar (Evaluation) of 21.04.2017 (No. Eval. 1/3(43A)/2017) has notified a series “amendments” to the JNU Ordinances that ‘adopt’ the UGC Regulations 2016. On 26 April 2017, 50 members of the (141st/142nd) AC and EC wrote to you asking you to place the information before the EC that these Revised Ordinances were never discussed nor approved by the 141st/142nd AC meetings and therefore do not have its approval. We request you to list an agenda item for the discussion of these Ordinances to bring to the notice of EC members the range of statutory violations that have been committed by it in amending the M.Phil./PhD Ordinances. The JNUTA has detailed them in the attached letter to the Visitor, the Hon’ble President of India, and we ask you to table this letter (Annexure 1) along with the letter from 50 AC/EC members (Annexure 2). Further, we also ask you to table the comparative document prepared by JNUTA which shows how these revised Ordinances have been amended even post their (unlawful) ratification by the EC (Annexure 3).
  3. Composition of Selection Committees: Statute 27(2) of the Second Schedule of the JNU Act specifies the composition of Selection Committees for faculty appointments, making it the exclusive province of a well-defined process for nomination of experts to Selection Committees: quite unambiguously, the VC has the power only to nominate experts to the Selection Committees from the database of the panel of names already approved by AC, in concordance with Regulation M-18. He does not have the power to make additions (or deletions) to that database, or to invite persons from outside it. The EC by its decision to authorise the Vice-Chancellor has therefore committed an egregious violation of the Statues, misled by the administration’s reference to a 1997 resolution of the EC, which has in fact long since been superseded by the amendments to the Statutes in 2012. These amendments have resulted in a situation that appointments to the University are in violation of the UGC Regulations of the selection and appointment of teachers. We therefore request you to place an agenda item for the annulment of Resolution 6.1 of the 266th EC meeting.


Ayesha Kidwai                                          Pradeep Shinde

President, JNUTA                                    Secretary, JNUTA

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