FOCUS: JNU teachers’ memorandum on the VC’s tampering with Selection Committees and the events at the AC

JNU faculty who are AC members in the 143rd Academic Council had moved the following motion w.r.t. the  JNU VC’s misappropriation of power with regards to making additions to the database of experts. 

This matter is already in court, but the JNU VC is not bothered about the matter being sub judice in this case, and continues to add names to the Panel of Experts and then inviting them to be members of Selection Committees to various positions in JNU. 

In the 143rd AC, Part B meeting, the VC brought to the AC the five selection committees that he had tampered with until the beginning of May 2017 (he has tampered with more since then) but provided no names of the ‘experts’ he had added. The objective of this move was to satisfy the letter of the 1997 resolution he has unlawfully cited (since it has already been superseded by an amendment of the statutes and the UGC Regulations 2010). No names however were provided, nor any criteria by which the VC (who cannot claim to have expert knowledge of all disciplines).  Even as many faculty members demanded to speak on the matter and were denied, the Rector-I chimed in and stated that the statutes and UGC Rules only apply to selection committees, whereas all the VC was doing was adding to the panel of experts! If the JNU administration feels more comfortable is fixing the illegal conduct by the VC at a later stage — that of his inviting the experts he illegally added to the panel of experts, rather than his adding to the panel in the first place — they must ask the UGC to change its wording of the Regulations, which state that he may nominate “three experts in the concerned subject out of the panel of names approved by the relevant statutory body of the University”

The fact of the matter is that neither the 141st, nor the 142nd, nor the 143rd AC has approved the actual names added by the VC to the panel of experts. Further, the 1997 EC resolution (which cannot be relied upon in law in any case) does not say that he can invite whom he deems to be an expert to the selection committees before he gains the approval of the AC. In the 143rd AC, JNU faculty clearly demonstrated through motions and interventions like the ones above, their unflinching opposition to this misappropriation of power and shall continue to do so when the minutes come around for comments, and of course in court

Ayesha Kidwai                                     Pradeep Shinde

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