JNU administration! Stop defaming CSSS!

The JNUTA expresses its strongest condemnation of the motivated vilification of the Centre for Study of Social Systems through a malefic ‘leak’ which is definitely from the JNU administration. It is shocked to read that a newspaper claims to have copies of some JNUEE answer scripts in its possession. Since these are exclusively the custody of the JNU administration, the JNU administration’s time would be better spent in fixing responsibility for it in its higher echelons, without whose complicity, such a leak could not have happened.

The JNUTA is confident that there is no wrongdoing by the CSSS faculty in ANY aspect of the evaluation process of the JNU entrance examination of 2016, as is being alleged. It is outraged that what the Vibha Tandon committee has found to be a simple “human error” (committed not by faculty– there is no tampering of marks in any answer scripts as per the Tandon committee’s findings) is being used to target JNU teachers. Such errors are part of any manual process, and indeed, the JNU system is geared precisely to double check every such process. Any imputation that such errors are motivated, or that evaluation was undertaken by anyone other than regular faculty, is completely reprehensible.

Ayesha Kidwai

Pradeep Shinde

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