JNUTA Statement on the Dissolution of GSCASH

The JNUTA condemns in the strongest terms the manner in which the Executive Council, ignoring objections by many internal members, made the decision to supersede the GSCASH Rules and to install an ICC that is most likely going to be more tractable and amenable to instruction by the Competent Authority.

The JNUTA is outraged by the alacrity has been shown in implementing this decision, as this afternoon, campus security was posted for several hours at the GSCASH office in order to seal the files and other materials there and to oversee the handover.

The GSCASH, upholding the best traditions of democracy, has insisted that such sealing/handover should take place (a) in the presence of all the GSCASH members and the unions and associations that make up the GSCASH; (b) that handover shall only be made to persons of integrity and after a legal opinion has been sought on the matter of confidentiality and other provisions of the GSCASH Rules, the SHW Act, Vishaka judgment, and the Saksham guidelines; and (c) that persons receiving the files must undertake an oath of confidentiality and a written undertaking that any information found in the GSCASH office will not be misused in any form or the files not tampered with. The JNUTA salutes the GSCASH for executing its responsibilities till the last, and assures it if all support and cooperation.

The JNUTA is absolutely appalled at the JNU administration’s conduct. The unseemly haste shown by the JNU administration makes us very alarmed. GSCASH always has many inquiries ongoing — what will happen to these cases? Are the inquiry committees in these cases to be changed overnight? Can complainants ever hope for justice or redressal? In fact, by evicting the GSCASH from office quite literally and handed over to persons who have no demonstrable evidence of working for the cause of women, and against sexual harassment, the Executive Council and the JNU Vice-Chancellor have clearly communicated only one message: that JNU as an employer is committed to an atmosphere in which the provisions of the SHW Act 2013, particularly independence, confidentiality, redressal are never to be guaranteed in JNU again.

Ayesha Kidwai Pradeep Shinde

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