JNU faculty not invited to NAAC interaction, yet it takes place!

The JNUTA is given to understand that the NAAC Peer Review team has had an interaction with different sections of the university community. In this regard, on 10 October at 4 p.m., the NAAC Peer Review team purportedly held an interaction with “faculty”, to which, interestingly, the JNU faculty at large were not formally invited.  No Dean or Chairperson was informed, and even the otherwise active CIS did not send any “bulk-mail” to faculty members for the said interaction. The JNUTA would like to place on record JNUTA’s outrage at this wilful and malicious denial of an opportunity to faculty members, including members of JNUTA. It demands that the University administration tender an explanation to the NAAC Peer Review team and the JNU community for this ‘lapse’, as well as to why, as it is being rumoured, individuals who are not employees of this university were present in that meeting, masquerading as JNU faculty.

The JNUTA has taken note of the fact a systematic attempt was made to exclude JNUTA, and the bulk of JNU faculty, as well as JNUSU from interaction with the NAAC team. It is gratified that the university administration recognizes that teachers’ disgust at the misdeeds of the JNU administration needs to be ‘managed’ by occluding it from the eye, because that is an acknowledgment of steadfastness and force of conviction. It is also however saddened by yet another reminder of how anti-intellectual and academically and ethically impoverished this current administration is in failing to appreciate that the wellspring of teachers’ anger is precisely the thing that brings the university both a positive assessment and accreditation for. Whatever grade JNU will get in this exercise is because of teachers’ and students hard work and aspirations to ever-higher standards, and in spite of an administration whose sole aim is for all research and teaching in JNU to ‘tank’.

Ayesha Kidwai                      Pradeep Shinde

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