Join JNUTA Public Inquiry against the Vice-Chancellor

23rd to 27th October 2017, 5.00 p.m., Sabarmati Lawns

Dear Friends,

As you are aware a charge-sheet was submitted to the Vice-Chancellor by a mass delegation of teachers on on 17.10.2017 and he was given time till the end of Friday, 20.10.2017 to respond should he wish to. Since no reply has been received, the JNUTA will now proceed with its public inquiry on the charges against the JNU Vice-Chancellor. The Public Inquiry will begin from Monday, 23.10.2017, and is expected to continue till 27.10.2017 starting at 5.00 p.m on each day. We request teachers to get together every day at the event in large numbers and make it a success.

The JNUTA public inquiry against the Vice Chancellor of JNU is a mode of protest modeled on an official inquiry but deriving its legitimacy not from powers vested in any statutory authority but by being an expression of the collective sentiment of teachers of JNU. Through this public inquiry, the JNUTA seeks to bring out in the public domain a comprehensive picture of the severe damage being done to a public institution by its current administration under the leadership of the Vice-Chancellor. In order that concerned members of the public may also be able to arrive at an informed judgment, the inquiry process will try to present the issues comprehensively including by giving space to the JNU Administration’s viewpoint.

In each hearing, a group of teachers will present before a panel of public figures drawn from different walks of life their case on one or two charges listed in the charge-sheet. Oral presentation of the case will accompany a written submission with enclosures of all relevant documents. On behalf of the Vice-Chancellor, a ‘defence’ will also be presented even if he himself or his designated representative is absent. At the end of each day’s proceedings, panelists will give their preliminary observations and will also be requested to follow it up with a written note articulating their ‘verdict’ on the charges. These will then be compiled together to form a final report to be presented on the last day, that is 27.10.2017.

The schedule of presentation of charges is given below.

Ayesha Kidwai                  Pradeep Shinde

President, JNUTA              Secretary, JNUTA

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