Resolution of the JNUTA General Body Meeting dated 16-02-2018

The JNUTA General Body in its meeting on February 16, 2018, expressed deep concern and dismay at the continued refusal of the JNU administration to engage and dialogue with the teachers and the students of the university on matters of grave concern. This is in addition to the continuing subversion of the institutional processes and norms through usurping of powers of decision making from the academic schools and centres and other statutory bodies in the university. Members asserted that this is in contravention of the JNU Act and therefore, not only unacceptable but also illegal.

The JNUTA GBM noted the vexatious and concerted campaign of the administration to malign the JNUTA with spurious allegations despite JNUTA’s repeated appeals for dialogue and requests for meeting with the Vice Chancellor and other administrative functionaries of the university which have received no response.

The GBM Resolved:

Issue of Attendance and Skype Viva

  1. The formulation of policy on mandatory attendance is yet another example of the subversion of due process. The GBM demands that all circulars related to the decision to make attendance mandatory should be immediately withdrawn. All other decisions (including viva over video conference/Skype) and changes to Clause M18 of the JNU rules and regulation  (which are in violation of the JNU Act and ordinances) should also be rolled back immediately.
  2. This GBM demands that the democratic process of academic decision-making in the university should be restored. All academic decisions concerning the university should be taken in statutory bodies like Centre faculty committees, Board of Studies of Schools and the Academic Council. Members also raised concerns about the circumvention of democratic processes in conducting the Academic Council and about gross inaccuracies in the recording of minutes.
  3. The JNUTA General Body demands that the Academic Council should be convened on February 23, 2018, as scheduled originally and conducted in a democratic manner.
  4. The GBM calls upon all the teachers to join for a sit-in on Monday to register their protest against the prevailing situation in the university. The time and venue of the sit-in will be announced shortly.

Career Advancement Related Issues:

JNUTA will study the UGC’s new draft rules and regulations on service conditions and respond to the same by 28th February 2018, including the matters related to CAS.

Better Working Conditions for Teachers:

The JNUTA EC will document all issues around working conditions and take the matters up with the relevant departments of the administration.

Any other Item: Request from faculty members of AIRF

It was recommended that the Advanced Instrumentation Research Facility (AIRF) be clubbed with Special Centres for JNUTA School-level representation. The faculty members in AIRF will henceforth be represented in the JNUTA by the representative of Special Centres.

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