JNUTA letter to DR (Administration)

Revisions sought in the proforma for JNU telephone directory (vide circular dated 16.03.2022)

Dear Deputy Registrar (Administration)

The JNUTA expresses its dismay at a recent communication from you asking for information for the Jawaharlal Nehru University Directory (please see attached). The proforma supplied asks women to state the gender and marital status of women faculty, while male faculty are referred to by their professional status, e.g., “Prof”. The JNUTA finds your seeking of this information  both sexist and discriminatory, particularly because no man seems to be required to state his marital status and there is no “salutation” listed for married men. Further, neither of these pieces of information have any reasonable nexus with the idea of a directory. In addition, the requirement that faculty must obligatorily share their personal mobile numbers on a publicly accessible list is unnecessary. The JNUTA therefore requests that the proforma be revised so as to remove all traces of the aforementioned sexism and the  compromise of personal privacy, and reissued before faculty are asked to fill it out. We suggest that the column seeking “salutation” be removed.


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