Another Burglary on JNU Campus! Dismiss the Cyclops Security Services!

The JNUTA expresses its shock and dismay at the massive theft in a faculty colleague’s house in 1443, New Poorvanchal, one of many of its kind in the past two years. The colleague in question was out of station for around a week and had dutifully informed the security services of the university (Cyclops Security and Allied Services Pvt Ltd) about his absence before he left. He returned on 24th March, 2022 to find his house entirely ransacked, and everything of value stolen. He and his family are understandably under great trauma. The JNUTA condemns the utter incompetence of the Cyclops staff, who have at best been indifferent when the colleague reported the matter to them.

We are yet again confronted with the unpalatable reality of the extreme vulnerability in which the colleagues living on the campus find themselves in. Not so long ago, this campus constituted a space that symbolized comfort, safety and security to all its residents. The JNUTA wishes to put on record that this is its 7th statement reporting thefts in faculty colleagues’ residences on campus since May 2020. We hold the Cyclops Security and Allied Services Pvt Ltd and the JNU administration that recruited its services from 2019 onwards squarely responsible for the steadily deteriorating security condition of the campus and the financial losses, psychological trauma and mental harassment faced by colleagues as a result of the series of thefts. The JNUTA firmly stands by each one of our colleagues in their times of distress.

It is relevant to point out that the expenditure on JNU security has nearly doubled in the last 4 years for which the annual accounts are available, from 8.3 crores  in 2015-16 to more than 15 crores in 2019-20. We are given to understand that the university is struggling with a huge financial deficit in the current financial year. We question the rationale of the huge increases in the security expenses in this backdrop, which has ironically added to the insecurity of the campus.

We urge the JNU administration to assume responsibility to ensure security on campus. The JNUTA strongly demands the removal of the Cyclops Security and Allied Services Pvt Ltd with immediate effect.

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