A struggle and a win: Retirement benefits

The JNUTA welcomes the order dated 2 April 2022 of the Hon. High Court of Delhi reiterating its earlier order of October 29, 2021 in (W.P.(C) 8686/2019, W.P.(C) 3756/2020 and W.P.(C) 8532/2020). This most recent order relates to petitions (W.P.(C) 3756/2020, W.P.(C) 3924/2021, W.P.(C) 4348/2021, W.P.(C) 3396/2022, W.P.(C) 5190/2022) filed by five faculty members who were denied, pensions, leave encashment, and gratuity by JNU on the pretext of a motivated and illegal chargesheet issued against them. The said chargesheet has already been stayed by the Hon. Delhi High Court in a separate proceedings.

Like the 29 October 2021 order, the current order once again illustrates the fundamental illegality of withholding of pension and other benefits by the university to retired faculty. It directs JNU to release the leave encashment dues of these retired faculty members within six weeks at an interest of 9 percent.

The JNUTA congratulates the faculty for their principled fight for the rights of teachers, specially through the difficult times caused by the pandemic, and at great mental and financial cost to them personally. The responsibility for the loss to the public exchequer (both from interest payment as well as the legal costs the institution will have incurred) rests squarely with the JNU administration, which had several opportunities to set matters right by responding positively to the representations made by these faculty to it. Even now, it is not too late–the JNUTA urges the new JNU administration to release all the benefits still pending for these faculty immediately.

On this day, we remember our dear-departed colleague Prof. Rajat Datta, who did not survive to see this day when the justice due to him was finally served. Inspired by his memory, the JNUTA shall remain unwavering in its commitment to stand with all colleagues victimised by the erstwhile JNU administration, and to extend all support to our retired colleagues.

The 2 April 2022 order is attached below for your reference.

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3


  1. My brother Dr.Rajat Datta passed away very dissapointed and unhappy with the system. Hope this order has brought the smile back, and he is laughing at power.


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