On the Academic Calendar

The jnuta sent the EnclOsed Letter to the jnu Vc on May 4, 2022

Dear Prof. Pandit
This mail is to bring to your notice the issue of the academic calendar of the University, which has been completely disrupted by the pandemic and by the delay in the admission process caused by the National Testing Agency. Since 2020, this has resulted in differential staggering of semesters/ academic sessions in JNU and has deprived its teaching faculty of summer and winter vacations. Incidentally, this has also impacted the quality of teaching and learning in the University, as neither the teachers nor the students have had a break, which is necessary for maintaining high quality in teaching and in the absorption of the knowledge imparted. We are disappointed that till date there has been no attempt whatsoever to synchronize the academic calendar. The synchronization of the academic calendar needs to be done at the university level to enable JNU students to opt for courses outside their centres and schools, and allow centres to offer optional courses to students across semesters.

With respect to the vacations denied to teachers, we request you to urgently consider the following based on the resolution of the General Body Meeting of JNUTA held on 1st March 2022:

  1. 30 earned leaves should be credited to the faculty members of the University per year for the period for which no vacations could be availed by the faculty members.
  2. We propose that the New Academic Calendar 2022-23 should provide one month of summer vacation and 15 days of winter vacation for the current academic year (i.e., 2022-23), which will ensure two three-and-half-month semesters in this year. The semesters should be synchronized with the usual academic calendar latest by February 2023, after which regular vacations should be granted.
  3. We attach here a sample of an interim academic calendar, which can accommodate the proposal in point 2 and enable synchronization with the usual academic calendar by May 2023. This would be possible only if the University ensures that the NTA completes the admission process on time.
  4. Interim Calendar: A sample
1 June to 30 June 2022 Summer break (30 days)
1 July to 15 October 2022MA 2nd semester (3 and half months)
15th October 2022 to 30th January 2023MA 3rd 2021 and 1st semester 2022 (3 and half months)
31st January to 14th February 2023Winter Vacation (15 days)
The usual calendar can start after this with a slightly delayed commencement of winter semester 2023 

The JNUTA urges you to take the matter up in the Executive Council Meeting scheduled on 5th May 2022 on an urgent basis as it concerns both the working conditions of teachers as well as the quality of teaching-learning in the university. It has come to our notice that most other universities have synchronised their academic calendar for some time now, and we see no reason why the prevailing situation as described above should persist in JNU.


Bishnupriya Dutt, President, JNUTA
Sucharita Sen, Secretary, JNUTA

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