In solidarity with Dalit and Minority professors under threat

JNUTA is outraged by the recent attacks on intellectuals and academic scholars for expressing views critical of majoritarian positions in public. It is to be noted that many of these attacks have been directed at academics from Dalit and minority communities—recent targets include Dr Ravi Kant of Lucknow University, Dr. Ratan Lal of Delhi University and Dr Imtiaz Ahmed, former Professor JNU. These intellectuals from marginalised and minority communities have been subjected to vituperative personal attacks, public threats of violence, police complaints and arrests, as well as relentless trolling on social media.

The JNUTA believes that all comments and observations made in public fora must be informed by civic discussion and rational arguments alone. It rues the use of a discourse of ‘hurt community sentiments’ as a weapon that provokes and justifies illegal intimidation by mobs on one hand and police intervention and legal action on the other as condemnable, as the aim of such a discourse is only to curtail intellectual freedom and open public debate on vital matters, and especially to silence intellectuals from Dalit and minority communities.

JNUTA expresses its strong opposition to all intimidation, violence and peremptory police action that obstructs free rational debate and the public practice of criticism by academics and intellectuals, which we see as indispensable for the life of a democracy. We demand that an immediate end be put to all such threats, police complaints, and arrests, and that the right to free and fearless expression of diverse points of view be upheld.


  1. Dear JNUTA Friends,

    Your team is doing wonderful work. Attaching an old letter addressed to JNUTA at the time of my retirement. I will also hand over a few documents of setting up time and procedure of JNUTA formation, which I got a copy made from JNUTA office files, which were in bad shape in 2007. One time Prof. Janki Nair was supposed to prepare archives of JNU/JNUTA and I kept ready the documents for her, but that project never came through. I think and hope that the present JNUTA Team can build up at least JNUTA archives and put it on a blog as well as on web page which was allowed till 2016 at least, on the main JNU website. This I will hand over as and when I visit JNU again in next few weeks. I also have some folders of JNUTA bulletins during Rupamanjri Ghosh time JNUTA and later, which I shall try to share from my outlook mail,which allows to share files and folders from one drive of outlook mail.Meanwhile I wish that JNUTA could take up my case of change of option from CPF to GPF approved once from both Universities- PU Patiala and JNU, but not affected due to technicalities. I have attached a part of correspondence, but I am preparing the whole correspondence record, which I shall share as and when it is ready. Meanwhile I am also in touch with DUTA activists, for whom the Supreme court Division bench judgement is so strong that it could be applicable for the victims of any University, who had been denied pension. Perhaps both High Court judgement for JNU teachers and Supreme Court judgement for DU teachers should be shared widely, including on JNUTA newsletter also Warm greetings to JNUTA Team

    On Mon, 23 May 2022 at 12:46, Jawaharlal Nehru University Teachers Associati


    1. Dear Professor Chamanlal, we are putting up as extensive an archive as we can (it’s taking time as there are many files), so anything you have with you would be welcome.
      With regards to your individual case please do contact us offline so that we can be of whatever assistance we can.
      Thanks for your appreciation of our work.


  2. Muzzling all subaltern voices has been their strategy to divert attention from the pressing national issues such as joblessness, inflation, infrastructure, etc


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