JNU students and alumni bring home pride with their stellar success 

The Jawaharlal Nehru Teachers Association congratulates three members of the JNU community who have just won on the global stage!

Geetanjali Shree for winning the International Booker Prize 2022 for the English translation of her novel Ret Samadhi (Tomb of Sand, English translation by Daisy Rockwell).

Shaunak Sen and Aman Mann for winning the Golden Eye at the Cannes International Festival 2022 for their film, All that Breathes.

Geetanjali Shree studied Masters at the Centre for Historical Studies at the School of Social Sciences, while Shaunak Sen received his Ph.D. from the School of Arts and Aesthetics in 2021. His producer and collaborator, Aman Mann, is still enrolled as a research scholar at School of Arts and Aesthetics. 

These prestigious award wins and various other creative accomplishments resonate with the long-standing fact that JNU provides the academic atmosphere conducive to discovering and nurturing creative talents. We sincerely hope that this atmosphere characterised by unlimited possibility, freedom and partnership will be protected in the years to come.

Our best wishes to the winners for their future creative endeavours.


  1. Once again, the strongest case for a public university education. Jnu shows it is one of India’s best investments for the future.


  2. Wonderful to congratulate the people who have achieved such a great success, it is our decency to honor them, when they reach the top in spite of a challenging environment, sad to see that our country’s helm of affairs does not have enough decency.


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