JNUTA meeting with the VC, Prof. Santishree Dhulipudi Pandit on 31 May

A JNUTA delegation met the JNU Vice Chancellor Tuesday afternoon. We would like to thank Prof Pandit and her team for the warm and positive interactions during the meeting.

The JNUTA delegation raised certain important issues, by no means comprehensive, related to the JNU faculty. In particular four issues — CAS promotions, JNU academic calendar, JNU Creche and JNUTA membership — were discussed in some detail.

We made a presentation on the abysmal situation on CAS promotions in JNU, which Prof Pandit found to be alarming in nature. She then assured us that the issue of CAS promotions is going to be taken up in right earnest and resolved at the earliest without prejudice.

On the issue of the academic calendar, she agreed that JNU is perhaps one of the few remaining institutions which has not yet synchronised its semesters. We were assured that beginning with the usual December winter vacation this year, we would gradually revert to our normal academic calendar. The JNUTA also raised the issue of crediting extra ELs in lieu of the vacations foregone as a result of the pandemic-induced intense teaching schedule but unfortunately there was no clear commitment given on that.

On the issue of the JNU crèche, the VC endorsed JNUTA’s emphasis on the legal necessity of this unit and assured us that different avenues would be explored to make it financially viable again. The JNUTA in turn assured the VC of all support in this regard.

We also raised the issue of restarting the JNUTA membership through deduction from the salary (on a voluntary basis) and reiterated the fact that the JNUTA represents the interests of the entire teaching community. The issues we have raised so far (and will continue to raise) are in the interest of every faculty member of this university, irrespective of their affiliations.

The meeting ended on a positive note with Prof Pandit suggesting that such discussions should be held at regular intervals to help resolve issues in a timely manner and improve the functioning of the university.

JNUTA welcomes the restoration of communication between the VC and the TA, which is essential and was disrupted by the previous administration. It hopes that the agreements reached in this meeting will be acted upon soon and that JNUTA’s dialogue with the current JNU administration will continue, so that all outstanding issues can be resolved through negotiation and discussion.

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  1. Congratulations for breaking the deadlock.

    What about counting of past service?
    Was it discussed?


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