JNU stands with Prof. Sharad Baviskar

The JNUTA expresses its solidarity with Prof. Sharad Baviskar, who was subjected to a protracted violent assault on the night of 17-18 June 2022.

In an incident that allegedly stemmed from a road traffic dispute, Prof Baviskar (who was travelling alone in his car) was forcibly abducted by a group of miscreants when he suggested that the dispute be taken to the police station. He was confined and taken to a residence in Delhi where he was held prisoner for more than three hours. As he tried to reason with his abductors to free him, he was subjected to verbal abuse, physical assault, threats and financial extortion. Prof. Baviskar has filed a police complaint on 18 June.

Throughout this extremely traumatic ordeal, Prof Baviskar displayed exemplary courage and dignity that is inspiring for the JNU community, which stands unitedly in support of Prof Baviskar’s complaint. The JNUTA expects that the Delhi police will leave no stone unturned in its efforts to apprehend the culprits at the earliest and in guaranteeing the safety and security of Prof Baviskar and his family. The JNUTA also expects that the JNU administration will take up the redressal of Prof. Baviskar’s grievance with the police in all sincerity.


  1. प्रो. शरद जी को न्याय मिले। बेहद दर्दनाक है।


  2. यह बेहद खौफ़नाक कृत्य है। देश की राजधानी में केंद्रीय विश्वविद्यालय के एक सम्मानित शिक्षक के साथ यदि ऐसा कृत्य हो सकता है तो आम आदमी की क्या स्थिति होगी ?
    डॉ. शरद मात्र शिक्षक ही नहीं हैं, अपितु वे सम्मानित युवा रचनाकार भी हैं। फ्रेंच और मराठी भाषाविद डॉ. शरद के साहसिक मनोबल को मैं सलाम करता हूं। हम आपके साथ हैं।
    यह कृत्य शिक्षक और रचनाकार की हत्या का प्रयास है। मैं इस अमानवीय कृत्य की भर्त्सना करता हूं और सरकार एवं दिल्ली पुलिस से न्याय की अपेक्षा करता हूं।


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