JNUTA letter to the Finance Office, JNU

The JNUTA has sent the following email to the F.O. JNU today.

Dear Mr. Kuksal,

On behalf of the JNUTA, we wish to convey to you that there are a lot of complaints regarding receipt of form 16, and 16 A. This is the first time in our memory that we are facing such an inordinate delay with respect to receiving the basic documentation to be able to file our income tax returns.

  1. Firstly, since the date of filing of the Tax returns is at the end July, it is of great concern to all faculty members that there is an inordinate delay of receiving the form 16 (A and B).
  2. Yesterday some people received Form 16, but only Part B and not part A. Others are yet to receive any communication in this regard.

This is a cause of great worry and inconvenience to the faculty members as they are unable to file their income tax returns. We do not have too much time with us to file the returns.. We request you to please resolve this problem as soon as possible from your side.

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