Letter to JNU VC to Waive requirement of NOC/EC for applying to jnu

Dear Prof. Pandit 25.08.2020

This is to bring to your notice that a No Objection Certificate (NOC) and an Experience Certificate (EC) are being asked as basic requirements for applying for the post of Associate Professors (advertisement no. RC/64/2022), even from those holding faculty positions in JNU. This is against the established norms of past practices. Our concern is that the information for these two documents is already with the University and this requirement is unnecessarily making the application process much longer for the applicants from JNU, and also adding to the burden of the administrative staff who are required to issue these certificates. The last date for application is 30th August 2022, and we would urge the requirement for these two documents to be waived for the applicants from JNU. Our apprehension is that the delay in issuing these two documents may make it impossible for the applicants from JNU to apply within the last date.


Bishnupriya Dutt (President, JNUTA)

Sucharita Sen (Secretary, JNUTA)

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