CAS Promotions: An update

Dear Colleagues,

It has been some time since we last wrote to you on the CAS issue. We would like to apprise you of the current status in this regard. You may recall that in our first meeting (and a subsequent one) with the Vice-Chancellor, the JNUTA had raised CAS promotions as one of the most important issues facing our faculty colleagues. The VC had listened to our detailed presentation carefully and communicated to us that due promotions will be done as per the rules without any prejudice. 

We have circulated the JNUTA presentation earlier, which shows that almost 80% of our faculty is due for promotions. Given this huge number, we had proposed that to facilitate the process of promotions, a committee be *constituted* expressly to look into the CAS issue. The JNUTA’s demand was accepted and such a committee has been put in place. The JNUTA feels hopeful as this committee has been advised to resolve CAS cases in ‘mission mode’; however, we would like that it would be in the best interests of the faculty, if the terms of reference for this committee is notified immediately. 

To help facilitate the process, the JNUTA has tried to meet the CAS committee members in an informal capacity to apprise them of the issues that need to be dealt with. Those we met have been positive and have expressed their desire to help all the colleagues. 

As a matter of principle we believe, and have placed in our meetings with Prof Pandit, the easiest way to work in mission mode would be to create a standard operating procedure (SOP), which acts as a blueprint of rules for all promotions. Delhi University, faced with a huge backlog, did the same and it helped them clear cases within a remarkably short period of time. With this in mind, the JNUTA had prepared a draft SOP (attached again for your perusal), which has been shared with the administration earlier. The effort here is not only to streamline the process for the faculty with clearly laid out rules but also to reduce the administrative burden of the staff. 

We have shared this draft SOP with the CAS committee members as well and have requested them to facilitate a process where something of this sort is approved and shared with the faculty. We hope the committee takes a positive view of this and helps create uniform guidelines to resolve all the pending cases.

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