The spate of burglaries continues unchecked: JNUTA demands action

The JNUTA is shocked and horrified that once again, on the night of 28th September 2022, there was a major break-in at 47 Dakshinapuram. The resident, a senior professor, who had duly informed the security about his absence from his residence, incurred huge losses that include cash, jewellery, and family heirlooms. Three days before this, there was another attempted break-in at the residence of another faculty member in the Old Transit House. It is extremely shocking that this faculty member had already sustained substantial losses in a case of an earlier burglary.

The JNUTA stands firmly by our colleagues in their moments of distress and trauma. For the past few years now, a deep-seated vulnerability has infiltrated into the minds of campus residents. The insecurity that prevails is a sea-change from what the JNU campus meant for its residents. We wish to put on record that this is the 11th statement that highlights incidences of burglary and security concerns on the campus. We reiterate what we stated in an earlier statement dated 25th March:

The JNUTA holds the Cyclops Security and Allied Services Pvt Ltd and the JNU administration that recruited its services from 2019 onwards squarely responsible for the steadily deteriorating security conditions on the campus and the financial losses, psychological trauma and mental harassment faced by colleagues as a result of the series of thefts.”

JNUTA has for many months now been urging the JNU administration to take responsibility for ensuring security on campus. The JNUTA strongly demands the removal of the Cyclops Security and Allied Services Pvt Ltd with immediate effect. The JNUTA further demands that Cyclops should be made to pay all indemnities due to all faculty members. This is the necessary first step in embarking on the process of addressing the alarming levels of insecurity and bring in a new agency which would be truly accountable and responsible.

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