On the events on JNU Campus on 24 January

The JNUTA is deeply concerned about the stone-pelting that took place yesterday (24.01.2023) when more than 200 students were watching a documentary on their laptops and mobiles in the open space adjoining the Teflas cafeteria. This happened against the backdrop of a power outage that lasted for more than three-and-a-half hours from 8.30 pm, which prevented the public screening of the documentary (‘India: The Modi Question’) announced by JNUSU. The JNUTA has come to know that the stone-pelting started around 10.15 pm and exposed a large number of students to serious risk of bodily harm. While there was a thin presence of security personnel on the spot, no action was taken by them to prevent or contain the violence. It is a matter of relief that no one was seriously injured, given the danger the area was exposed to by the darkness produced by the power outage. A large number of faculty residences were also adversely impacted by this long power cut in the peak of winter.

The JNUTA strongly condemns this new incidence of violence on JNU campus, and demands that strong action be taken against the perpetrators. The JNUTA has issued several statements, including on 30th August 2022, strongly opposing any form of campus violence and has repeatedly raised the issue of the inadequate security conditions that result in them as well as in burglaries in faculty residences. The JNUTA strongly feels that the administration should have been far more proactive in preventing untoward incidents and in ensuring the prompt restoration of power supply on campus, recognising the urgency that the prevailing situation demanded.

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